Three Birds
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About Us

About us... is about you:

Robin Johnson, owner, deeply cares about creating a great experience for her customers... she studies the design market, from New York,  Atlanta, San Francisco, LA to the local enclaves of design talent, working tirelessly to find the right combination of quality product, innovation in design, and value that will delight her customers and keep their trust.  From her earliest working days serving at Rays boathouse in Seattle, to her long and successful career in opera, she has always made it her mission to give more to her customer or audience, including her family of 5, than anyone would ever expect.  In simple terms, "Three Birds" is Robin's commitment to meet and exceed your home décor or gift need for something creative; a gift or expression that delights the recipient, with Robin's full commitment and guarantee standing behind it.  Please come visit Three Birds, it is all about you... our customer. 

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